When will we know about appeals please?

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Dear Sir/Madam

My daughter has applied for a bursary. She has been accepted at CPUT to study event management.  I am not able to fund her studies. I have taught for the WCED for 30 years in January and cannot see my child not get the same opportunity my eldest one received.  I was able to put her through varsity and am still paying off the end of her fees. She completed her BSC last year and is working at Groote Schuur Hospital. Shannon Bergman, my daughter,  has registered at varsity but awaits a response from her appeal.  She wants to study full time and can still try to work casually.  Without your support, I cannot give her the education she deserves and wants for herself.  I know there are hundreds of worthy candidates. All I am asking is that you give her a chance to prove herself. I know this is strange but I have to try as my hands are tied at this point. With thanks and gratitude

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If we understand the content of your question clearly, you want to enquire about Varsity Bursaries. If that is the case, the advice is visit the administration buildings on one of the campuses of varsity colleges in cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and some others cities in the country. At the administration building you will get relevant information to get the bursary for Shannon Bergman if she meets the requirements.

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