what subjects is needed for a tourism course

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I would to know what subjects must i have to take a course in tourism

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The subjects slightly changes depending on the institution/college you pursue the course. Different institutions have different subject combinations for the tourism course. Also, the type of certificate you apply for also affect the subject combinations. Whether certificate in tourism, diploma in tourism or degree in tourism affects the content and quantity of subjects.

Below are the modules for Diploma in Tourism at UNISA.
First level


Group A. Compulsory

BSM1501 – Business Management IA

BSM1602 – Business Management IB

DTM1501 – Travel Operations

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

FAC1502 – Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

MNM1503 – Introduction to Marketing

MNM1601 – Principles of Marketing Management

SUS1501 – Sustainability And Greed

TRT1502 – Primary Factors of Tourism

TRT1602 – Secondary Factors of Tourism
Pre-requisite:TRT1501 or TRT1502 or DTM1503

Second level


Group A. Compulsory

BSM2601 – Business Management IIA
Pre-requisite:BSM1501 & BSM1602 or BSM1M1P & BSM1M2P

DTM2601 – Hospitality Operations
Recommendation:TRT1602 or DTM1604

DTM2603 – Tourism Development IIA
Pre-requisite:TRT1502 or DTM1503 or TDV101T

DTM2604 – Tourism Development IIB
Recommendation:TRT1602 or DTM1604

DTM2605 – Cultural Tourism I
Pre-requisite:TRT1502 or DTM1503 or TDV101T

ETP2601 – Entrepreneurial Skills

ETP2602 – Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurs

FAC1602 – Elementary Financial Accounting and Reporting

TRT2601 – Transport for Tourism
Recommendation:TRT1601 or TRT1602 or TRT101X

Third level


Group A. Compulsory

DTM3605 – Cultural Tourism II
Pre-requisite:DTM2605 or CTR101J

DTM3609 – Tourism in a Practical Work Context
Co-requisite:DTM2601, DTM2602 or TRT2601, DTM2603, DTM2604, DTM2605, DTM3605
Recommendation:Students should have passed TRT1502 and TRT1602 or DTM1501 and DTM1502 before registering for this module or should have passed DTM1602, DTM1604 or TDV101T before registering for this module.

DTM3701 – Business Tourism
Pre-requisite:TRT1602 or DTM2601 or TTP2M1T

DTM3703 – Sustainable Tourism Development IIIA
Pre-requisite:DTM2603 or TDV201T

DTM3704 – Tourism Development IIIB
Pre-requisite:DTM2604 or TDV201T

ETP3701 – Entrepreneurship IIIA
Pre-requisite:ETP2601 or ETP2M1E

ETP3702 – Entrepreneurship IIIB
Pre-requisite:ETP2601 or ETP2M1E

MNM3701 – Marketing Planning
Pre-requisite:MNM2601 or MNM2603 or MNM2604 or MNM2605 or MNM2606 or MNM2607 or MNM2612 or MNM1601 or MNM2611 or MNM2614

TRT3702 – Special Interest Tourism
Recommendation:MNG2601 (or MNG2016) or TRT1601 or TRT1602

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