There is bursary that covers hairdressing

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I wanna know if the course i want to study it’s included on the bursaries as well because i don’t see it when am checking. i would love to study hairdressing so much, i’ve tried to search for it on the different TVET colleges but none of them offer it, only beaUty colleges do, that is why am asking. My parents won’t be able to pay for my fees for it and i don’t want to study something that i don’t love. Please can you assist me with the answers.

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Fortunately, Several TVET Colleges Offer hair  dressing courses.

Below are some of the Colleges that offer hair dressing programs

  1. College of Cape Town
  2. Nkangala TVET College
  3. Central Johannesburg College
  4. North Link TVET College
  5. Tshwane North College
  6. Tshwane South College
  7. Westcol TVET College
  8. EWC TVET College

and many more. All the above colleges are covered by the nsfas and other bursaries programs

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