Struggle to secure trainings whereas I’m accredited provider.

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Hi, please assist on how to secure training in National Skills Fund. My company has been  applying for the past 3 years. We are an accredited Provider and would like to help the Rural areas of the Eastern Cape, please.

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To secure NSF Funding as an accredited Provider, you will need to first identify your funding window based on the purpose of your company. NSF has different application criteria for each funding windows.

Funding Windows of the NSF

The National Skills Fund uses 20% of its levies share to fund primarily projects for skills development as indicated in the National Skills Development Strategy. For ease of management, funding is apportioned to funding windows,with each funding window representing a mandate(s) emanating from the NSDS. For example, the NSDS (2005-2010) mandates the NSF to improve literacy for unemployed people. Pursuant to this mandate, the ABET Funding Window was established.

  1. Social Development Initiatives including the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).
  2. Adult Basic Education and Training.
  3. Critical Skills Support.
  4. Provisioning Support.
  5. Industry Support.
  6. Informal Sector Support.
  7. Constituency Capacity Building and Advocacy.
  8. Special Projects
  • Promotion of the NSDS
  • Research
  • Supplementary support for disability
  • Promotion of excellence.

9. Discretionary and Innovation Projects

Applications for Funding

Each NSF funding window has its own application process including criteria and eligible applicants. For selected funding windows where criteria require a public application process the NSF will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) inviting applications.

For the Specific requirements for each funding window and the application process, consult this pdf 

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