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Good day.

When is the next intake for electric N4. When will registertration be and at which campus is this course given.

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Admission Requirements

What do I need to have completed before I can apply for a National N-Diploma?

  • To enter N4 – N3 Certificate or equivalent qualification
  • To enter N5 – N4 Certificate or equivalent qualification
  • To enter N6 – N5 Certificate or equivalent qualification

You must have passed the following subjects at school:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Electrical Technology/Electricians Work
  • English


  • 12 weeks per certificate full-time
  • 2 years practical experience within industry in the Electrical Engineering field

(Part-time – Available)

For information on Part-time studies (Evening Classes and Distance Learning), please contact the Pinelands Campus at tel. +27 21 531 2105/6/7.


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