Dear Sir/Madam


We the International Education and Career Expo (IECE) write this letter inviting you to participate in our 2019 expo to be held on the 1 and 2 November 2019 at the Celebration Centre, Borrowdale Harare.

The IECE is a brand under Valley Of Ellah (Pvt) Ltd which is an educational promotion organization in Zimbabwe. It has the following objectives:

  1. Providing the student community and their guardians with easy access to education options and prospects in two day event.
  2. It is also a platform for schools, colleges, universities, professional institutions and special needs learning centers to show case what they have to offer their customer.
  • Creating a platform for special service and product suppliers to meet with and market themselves to educational institutions.
  1. Creating a platform for special service and product suppliers to meet with and market themselves to the student community and their guardians.

Through our education expo, the exhibitors bestow opportunities for ambitious students to pursue higher studies within the national and outside the national periphery by channeling their energies and work towards a common goal of spreading knowledge and learning them in decision making not only on their choice of the program but also provides a platform for the educational institutes to help them build their future. IECE thus becomes a strong medium bridging the gap between the students and the institutes.

Our expo creates an interactive platform beneficial for both visitors & exhibitors. The vision of the Company is to constantly upgrade the importance of education to the youth and guide them through the path of career options and help in right decision making for a better future. As one of the largest education fairs in this region, IECE 2019 is superbly timed. At the verge of the result declaration, students make up their mind to pursue a certain career of their choice. IECE is the best option for them as both the students and parents will be eagerly collecting vital information on programs and institutions of higher learning to pursue their further education as their respective educational institutions prepare to serve them.

Two full days of networking, building brand awareness and generating leads. Reach an expected target audience of + 1’000 attendees from around the world; Reach to decision makers and Key Opinion Leaders. Demonstrate your commitment to finding a memorable SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 2019 IECE is offering Global Supporting Packages with the aim of providing interested partners the opportunity to gain on-going visibility throughout the event whilst being recognized as a key supporter of Education sector and enjoy extensive benefits and branding opportunities for widespread visibility before and during the event.

Being an expo sponsor can be an effective way to increase your visibility, promote your brand and be part of this major educational event. The following opportunities can be included in addition to the Gold/ Silver/Bronze Sponsorship packages (with related discounts) OR purchased separately as individual items. Please contact us for tailor made proposals based on your specific needs

International Educational& Career Expo will gain significant exposure and recognition as an organization committed to education for all.

Thank you for considering this request. In doing so, you are supporting the development of the nation education and career development. Please consider our respective expo packages on the attached form to find one that suits your organization.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. S. Mutero

Event Coordinator Manager


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The message is well received and we are very grateful for your kind invitation.

Best wishes.

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