Part-time studies for B Social Work – Bachelor of Social Work

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Good day

To whom it may concern.

I would like to find out if i will be able to study B Social Work – Bachelor of Social Work part-time starting next year 2020.

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YES you can apply in 2020. You also read this information below.

Type: N/A
Duration:  3 Years Full Time / Full Time / Part Time

Social workers are a critical link in South Africa’s social welfare system, especially for vulnerable groups such as children and adolescents. This professional degree delivers social welfare graduates who understand social welfare policy and law, and have the theoretical knowledge and practical training to intervene in crisis situations, offer counselling services and conduct research.

Type: undergraduate degree

Duration: 4 years part time
Compulsory Subjects

First year subjects:

    • Welfare science and policy
    • Introduction to social work and the helping process
    • Practical work
    • Social welfare law
    • Developing information skills for lifelong learning

Second year subjects:

    • Research in the social sciences
    • Facilitative communication in groups and communities
    • Practical work
    • Welfare policy
    • Life tasks, obstacles, developmental resources and competency development
    • Counselling skills
    • Marriage guidance and counselling

Third year subjects:

    • Social case work
    • Social group work
    • Community work
    • Practical work in social case and group work
    • Practical work: community work

Fourth year subjects:

    • Social casework: working with individuals – integrated theory and practice
    • Social casework: working with couples and families – integrated theory and practice
    • Social group work with children and youth – integrated theory and practice
    • Social group work with adults – integrated theory and practice
    • Community work: planning and integrated practice
    • Community work: execution of a project
    • Social work management: the social work organisation – integrated theory and practice
    • Social work management: the social worker as employee and manager
    • Research project: planning and execution
    • Statutory work, ethics and supervision

Careers: social worker.


Best wishes.

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