Nursing Curriculum / PACK (APC) guideline)

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The PACK programme, known as Adult Primary care or APC in the rest of South Africa,  has been developed, implemented and evaluated by the Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) of the University of Cape Town Lung Institute together with Department of Health partners. It has been scaled up across primary care facilities in the country, reaching more than 30 000 health workers.

The KTU Seeks to understand the reach of the guide and training amongst higher education students in South Africa.  We are aware that several higher education institutions have adopted PACK in the Western Cape and APC in the rest of South Africa to support undergraduate and postgraduate health worker education. Please assist in identifying the extent to which students may have been exposed to PACK or APC by completing the following:


Inception of PACK/APC training (year)

Number of guidelines disseminated to students to date

Guidelines provided by (e.g. RTC, partner organisations)

Number of students receiving PACK/APC training annually

Year of study and modules in which PACK/APC training is included

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