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Greetings to you .I am an aspiring learner from Botswana who is willing to be part of your university therefore I am kindly inquiring about the amount self-sponsored students from Africa are expected to pay each semester .In addition I would like you to make more emphasis on entry requirements and awards given to outperforming students, does it count on self-sponsored students too?
I just completed my BSc at Botswana University of Science and Technology (BIUST) subsequently I inquire as to whether it is thought about or would it be advisable for me to utilize GCSE to apply? In conclusion is settlement for global understudies composed by the University?
I trust my solicitation would be conceded right away. Much thanks to you

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Please state the name of the university for the detailed assistance. Besides, the amount to be paid per semester largely depends on the course being offered.

Best regards.

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