i need results of 2010 till 2012 student no 204100240

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i need the results of each term from 2010-2012. i need to registrer at the engeneering counsel and they need my results for all 3 years.

Please mail it to my mother as soon as possible or if she can pick it up Thuesday 9 July as she is coming to cape town or bellville?? please advise where if you cannot mail it.

I am staying in Lusaka and can also give authorasation lettter whatever you need.

Please this is VERY URGENT

STUDENT NUMBER 204100240 DIPLOMA IN Graphic design (2006) and Engineering Civil (20120

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Please this request is very confidential, it needs more then just authorization letter to get it done. We advise you go to the academic/records office in person.

Best wishes.

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