i dont have an ID yet but i have a permanent certificate


permanent residence

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If we understand your question well, you are referring to your ID book. If that is the case, then read this piece from the Department of Home Affairs.

You can apply for your ID book at any office of the Department of Home Affairs or any South African mission or consulate overseas. All applications are sent to the Department’s head office in Pretoria. There, your fingerprints will be matched with those already on record or entered into the National Population Register. Your application will then be processed and once issued, your ID book will be forwarded to the office where you made your application for you to collect.

You must provide your cellphone number in your application so that you can receive regular updates on the progress of your application by SMS. To get the SMS updates, simply SMS the word “ID” followed by your ID number to 32551. You will be charged R1 for each SMS sent.

You can also visit the Department of Home Affairs’ site from the link below for more information on Permanent residency.


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