Hi my daughter is a first year student. I did not apply for nsfas last year. Is there any way I can apply now. She really needs a funding as her father is only working.

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According to NSFAS, Young people who were unable to apply for NSFAS funding during the 2021 application cycle but have been admitted to public institutions of higher learning through the Department of Higher Education’s Central Application Clearing House (CACH) will be considered for funding for the 2021 academic year.

You should note that applications for 2021 remain closed as of December 02 2018 and the use of the CACH process to offer funding does not constitute re-opening of applications.

“The due date for applications was 02 December 2018, and NSFAS will not be opening for further applications. However, students admitted to study through the Central Application Clearing House (CACH), will be considered for funding and their institutions will record and facilitate their applications“ said NSFAS Administrator Dr. Randall Carolissen.

NSFAS will also consider students who were recently admitted as First Time Walk-Ins at TVET colleges. The Scheme has unlocked a window that will be open to all TVET Colleges exclusively, through an assistive capture mechanism. TVET College students are encouraged to visit their Student Support Office for assistance and should create an account on myNSFAS Self Service portal for updates and communication of funding outcomes.

The CACH system is a government online service designed to assist individuals who want to access higher education and is useful for individuals who have applied for admission but have not been offered space. Students can register or sign up online @ http://cach.dhet.gov.za or contact them on 0860 356 635 or SMS with their name and ID Number to 49200 and be called back free of charge.

However if your daughter did not apply through CACH, then it would be better to look for bursary opportunities for her. She can get bursary opportunities by contacting the financial aid office of her school. NSFAS generally opens applications in August of every year

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