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I am from Lesotho and I have c.o.s.c qualifications. I am interested in studying Bcom at UFS as a full-time student. May I please be furnished with information of entry requirements..

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These are the general admission requirements for international students

Click on the PDF link below to download and calculate your admission point (AP) in order to determine whether you meet the minimum score point.


You can contact this address  Jeanne Niemann: +27 51 401 3219 | niemannaja@ufs.ac.za for more information on accepted accreditation and addmission score point.

  • Administration fee: A non-refundable annual administrative fee is charged on all international student accounts.
  • Closing date: Closing date for applications to undergraduate studies is 30 September, 2019.
  • Visa: You must have a VALID study visa before you can enter South Africa. Make sure your study visa is issued to study at the UFS, and not at any other institution in South Africa. You must have a valid and appropriate/correct visa to be registered at the UFS.
  • Medical aid: You must be a member of a medical aid registered in terms of the Medical Aid Schemes Act 1998 of South Africa, as required by the South African Immigration Act. It is important that your medical aid cover MUST be valid for the duration of your studies at the UFS. No travel insurance, hospital plans or foreign medical aids will be accepted.
  • Prepayment: A prepayment must be made before you can register as a UFS student. The Department of Tuition Fees will communicate the amount and payment deadline to you.
  • Scholarship/Bursaries/sponsorships: If you have a scholarship, inform your sponsor of the UFS regulations on payments before you register and pay tuition fees.

If you need more information, contact the relevant person:

Immigration (study visa and renewal letters), Accreditation, Medical Aid, Finances: Jeanne Niemann: +27 51 401 3219 | niemannaja@ufs.ac.za

Sponsored Students, Student Engagement, Orientation, Marketing, and Communication: Bulelwa Malo: +27 51 401 9436 | malob@ufs.ac.za

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