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What are your requirements to study the Btech Electrical Engineering course at DUT.  I have certifications from N1 to N6 level.   What are your charges and when is enrollment should I have the necessary documentation for entry?

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  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical (Light Current) or National Diploma: Engineering: Computer Systems
  • Credits must be obtained for all prerequisite modules as listed in the relevant field of study, prior to first time registration for the degree.

NOTE: Phase Out information for the Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Electrical

As gazetted in the Government Gazette, Vol. 613, No. 40123, 06 July 2016, the last date for first time entering students enrolling in academic programmes that are not aligned with the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework is the 31st December 2019. This means that you will not be able to enroll for a Bachelor of Technology (BTech Degree) at DUT, or at any other Institution in South Africa after this date.

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