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Dear Sir / Madam

Application for Grade 12, 2021:

My daughter was attending Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria (DSP)  since grade 5 and  this year as a Gr. 12 learner.  I believe that she already obtained her exam number.  She fell behind in her school work due to lockdown and have the impression that she is going to fail the year.  With a lot of consultations etc. we had to let the school know that she will not be returning.

I applied at Prosperitus Secondary and Staats President CR Swart for admission for Gr.12, 2021.  The feedback received is that they are unable to accept Grade 12 learners for 2021 as it needs to be approved by the District office before my daughter can be accepted.

Please accept our humble plea for acceptance in either of the mentioned schools as a learner for Gr. 12 in the year 2021.  She is more than willing to return to any other school than DSP due to personal reasons.

Please let us know if there are any alternatives and what the way forward is.

Learners details : Delmonece Nevensha Edwards

ID Number          : 030604 0313 083

We appreciate your assistance herein.

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