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good day

i like to be assessedwith the application and bursaries, how to start


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If you wish to apply for a bursary, please click here to fill in your details and take a short psychometric assessment. Please note that the student applying for a bursary will need to complete the online assessment.

If your application shows promise, we will run a face-to-face verification test to ascertain that the same person took the original assessment. After the verification assessment, you will be required to send through the following documents, please make sure you have them readily available:

  1. A one-page motivational letter stating your reason to request for a Bursary
  2. A certified copy of your valid NSC Certificate (if you have completed Grade 12)
  3. A certified copy of your latest valid results on an official school letterhead (if you are currently in Grade 12)
  4. A certified copy of your latest academic results and your full academic record. Results for the academic year should accompany this application and must not be submitted separately (if registered at University or College)
  5. A certified copy of your valid South African Identity Document
  6. Proof of Learner/Parent/Guardian’s income (3 months’ payslips) or an affidavit if Parent/Guardian is unemployed
  7. Three months’ of Learner/Parent/Guardian’s bank statements
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