Enquiring about my outstanding Debt

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Good day
I am Sondaba VO student number 215 195 361. I would like to enquire about my outstanding Debt at school I owe an amount of R18195 I fail to understand how does that happen yet I was funded NSFAS
Would you kindly clarify for me this case.
073 989 6855

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There are many possibilities that could cause this challenge. It could be that, you failed to meet the minimum requirement of NSFAS along the way or you failed to endorse the annual email NSFAS send to its clients or the mix up could be coming from your school. Either ways, you need to go to your institution to find out where the cause is coming from. If it is coming form NSFAS, then we report the issue to NSFAS office but if it is coming the school, then you rectify it.

Kind wishes.

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