educational sponsorship request?

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To whom it may concern

I am the manager of a registered NPO called Women of Hope.  We deal with women from various walks of life and specialise in patients with a history of sex trafficking, rape, eating disorders, domestic violence, mental health issues and substance abuse.

We have a young lady, Simone Prins (24 years old), who has been with us for 12 months.

Simone has excelled in her healing and restoration.  She has grown in faith and has become an inspiration to the other residents.  She is very trustworthy and the responsibilities she has been given in the home of ‘house prefect’ and admin secretary has been managed diligently.

Due to unfortunate circumstances in her life she was unable to complete her tertiary education.  She has completed her grade 8 qualification and would now like to continue to study in order to get her matric certificate.

We are writing this to enquire if you would consider sponsoring this dedicated young lady to further her education and achieve her dreams.  We can definitely vouch that she would be an asset to society.

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