Complain about the amount that I do not know of


Good Day

My name is Sifiso Khumalo, I have been calling your service lines for the past three months to no avail, which is very absurd, and disheartening and debating to say the least.

I have used NFSA during my tertiary years at TUT back in 2010 and paid them in full and closed my account.

Recently I was contacted by Debt collectors, telling me that I’m owing an atrocious amount of  R 18 000, that was offered to me, while I was doing part-time studies at Lephalale TVET College.

I then called your offices and got hold of some lady who refused to send me the agreement on email following our discussion, however this was our discussion;

How is it possible that I’m owing R 18 000, when I was a part time student, and as a part time student you are required to pay your fees in full upfront before you register, mind you the subjects were only R 400 each at the time.

Secondly,  I had never applied for NFSAS, being a former NFSAS student, I’m aware of the application process and the agreements that you need to sign, and none of those took place, if you have proof, please share with me.

She then conducted an investigation, while I waited on the call, and later told me that, the R 18 000 was given to me as an award/grant, it wasn’t a loan (which i wasn’t aware off, came as news to me), she will then fix it from their side and send me an email, I requested her details, but she refused, since then nothing has been received,

And the debt collectors continue to harass me and this is affecting my credit rating, can you kindly resolve this mass before I take it further, in the manner that will not sit very well for anyone.

PS: It is very unfortunate that, I had done my best to repay you over the years and still I find myself being a victim of mismanagement as a result tarnishing my reputation. And people continue to mishandle the state funds and use people like us as an scapegoat.

I doubt that would be me, can we please work together in resolving this matter like professional before its too late.


Sifiso Khumalo


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Please contact the address below to present your case as the first step, we will be working on your issue.

Kind wishes.

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