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I will like to pursue my CIMA qualifications with UJ but I need More Info on the course and when is the registration open also the fees applicable. I have a degree in Financial accounting which I obtained in 2015.

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There are two courses that can get CIMA qualifications to you when pursued. Read the article below more information on the courses.
BCom Honours (Financial Management) | Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) (Financial Management)
The primary purpose of the BCom Honours (Financial Management) /PGDip (Financial Management) programme is to strengthen the student’s knowledge and comprehension in the disciplines of management accounting and finance. The programme is comprised of a broad-based curriculum to prepare the post-graduate student for a wide range of finance-related specialities. The curriculum includes six topic areas ranging from management accounting strategy to financial strategy to performance & risk strategy.

The programmes emphasise application, analysis and evaluation within each topic area as well as the application of integrity and ethics in a professional environment. Mastering of the curriculum will provide students with the skills to synthesize complex management, financial, performance and risk principles in order to drive and add value to the entities that employ them.
The successful student will gain an overall financial and business perspective which will provide them with a competitive advantage for employment and prepare them for further studies in this field.

A student in possession of a BCom (Finance) qualification OR any related qualification with a programme specific minimum HEQSF level 7(previously NQF level 6) competency in Accounting and Financial Management may apply to the Department of Finance and Investment Management. Applicants will be subjected to a selection process. The BCom Honours (Financial Management) /PGDip (Financial Management) are partially accredited by the UK based Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

CIMA is the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants with a sole focus on business. Through their partnership with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the professional body offers support and gives voice to 150 000 Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMAs) across the globe.  CIMA has 171 000 students and members in 165 countries worldwide.

A student that either does not meet the pre-requisites for the BCom Honours (Financial Management) or PGDip (Financial Management), or that is not accepted into the BCom Honours (Financial Management) or PGDip (Financial Management) may be considered for study in the Bridging Programme in Financial Management. The Bridging Programme is designed for students to obtain the necessary pre-requisites or improve their marks to allow for re-application. The Bridging Programme in Financial Management will also involve a selection process.

The BCom Honours (Financial Management) and PGDip (Financial Management) programmes are ONLY available on a full time basis and all lectures and related academic activities take place during the day.

The main difference between the BCom Honours (Financial Management) and PGDip (Financial Management) programmes is that the BCom Honours (Financial Management) programme includes a 1 year Research Methodology module which will require students to submit a research article as part of the final assessment. All students pursuing the CIMA professional qualification must enrol for the PGDip using the programme code E3FM7Q. Honours students will be selected from this pool of applicants and individually invited for an interview to establish if they are suitable for the degree.

For more information on the BCom Honours (Financial Management) and PGDip (Financial Management) programmes, download the full brochure (pdf) here.

For more information on the Bridging Programme in Financial Management, download the full brochure (pdf) here.

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