bursary will continue next year or reapply

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Afternoon my girl has a bursary for this year she is still studding next year does she reapply for a new bursary or does it continue until she is finished her studies she is studding at NWU her student number is 30852757 her name is Sabrina Vieira Martins. please advise as I m not 100% what to do.

thank you

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We do not know the type of bursary you are referring to. Every bursary has its rules but if her bursary is NSFAS, then this is how it works;

Continuing students who are funded by NSFAS this year will be contacted by NSFAS to sign their agreements online, if they have not done so already. They are not required to reapply as funding will automatically continue in 2020, if they meet the progression rule of 50% pass.

Best wishes.

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