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To whom it may concern,

My name is Trisha Govender, an adult female who desires to complete my studies after 8 years. I am a mother of an 7 year old female as well as a wife.

I am currently studying my bachelors of arts degree at a private institutions, varsity college, westville looking to pursue in the field of psychology.

Unfortunately, I am unable to afford to continue my studies due to my financial situation.

I eagerly wish to pursue my studies as I am an hard working individual to is looking forward to pursue forensic psychology and work with abused women and children as well as mentally unstable criminals.

I am urgently seeking financial help to complete this year as well as the next 2 years.

Through your financial assistance,I would be able to complete my degree as well as my dream.

Please consider my application…

Thanking you in advance..

Trisha Govender

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Please we do not directly offer financial assistance to needy student but can show you the avenues. Visit the link below and choose any of the bursary companies of your choice for your financial needs.

Kind wishes.

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