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Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m Sushanta, from Sahoo websolutions Pvt LTD, an India-based Digital Marketing Company. Just when our research team found your website and put through analysis, we discovered a horde of facts that we believe should be shared with you.
Without further ado, let’s just start!
• Spending a lot on Google Ads is not that beneficial as you thought. But did you know this can be minimized for another favourable alternative i.e. organic marketing?
• Irony of the facts that the ad wars could cost you money for every single time a user clicks on it for fun. Certainly, this is not the economical & ideal way to reach your target audience.
• I admit that running a paid ads campaign may beneficial for you some time. But what they basically do is just fill the fortunes for advertising platforms while you spend your hard-earned money, whereas organic marketing lets you achieve your objectives and goals.
• Once you stop investing on the ads, there will be no existence of your website on the search engine result pages. On the other hand, organic marketing drives leads and conversions even if you put a halt to the campaign, given the sturdy online presence of your website.
• A paid ads campaign that attracts a meagre 10% of the Internet audience, the majority 90% users don’t even take a glimpse of sponsored listing results. Don’t you think it’s too large an audience to ignore? It’s time to look for long-term results instead of short-term and inconsistent high-spots.
• Don’t you want to be visible on the top results pages of Google, Yahoo & Bing for all possible search terms related to your service or products without paying anything to search engines?
Your website,, has several issues that are restricting its organic growth on Google. If you’re eager to know everything in details, please positively respond to this email. We’re ready to remove the bottlenecks for you!
We also offer Web Redesigning/Development service to give you a modern and user-friendly website and that also helps the owner to manage it without taking any experts help.
I would be glad to provide a FREE detailed analysis report if you reply in positive. Also, I will share the detailed information of our company profile and client testimonials.
I am available to communicate over phone, Whatsapp and Skype. Please suggest me your best time to discuss with you as per your convenience.
Please communicate with me at this official e-mail id:
Awaiting your positive response…
Best Regards,
Sushanta Sahoo
Business Development Manager
Sahoo websolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No: D-8/B, FLAT NO: 101
B.J.B Nagar, Bhubaneswar,Odisha, India
Skype/Gtalk/Yahoo Id:- sahoowebsolutions
WhatsApp: +91 985-364-8077

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We are pleased you have contacted us with this proposal, we will communicate to you our response in due time.

Kind wishes.

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