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Good day

I have finished my Humand Resource +3 Course throug Academy of york, I want to do an advance of higher level Diploma to further my studies
Following is the subjects i have done.

HRFET Modules:
Module 4 - The Business Environment: Competent
Module 5 - HR Environment and Education & Training: Competent
Module 6 - Employee Wellness: Competent
HR Diploma Modules
Module 1 - Communication: Competent
Module 2 - Administration: Competent
Module 3 - Human Resources Legal Framework: Competent
Module 4 - Human Resources Management: Competent
Module 5 - Labour Relations: Competent
Module 6 - Team Dynamics: Competent
Module 7 - Skills Development Facilitator: Competent
Module 8 - Workplace Education and Training: Competent
Module 9 - Management: Competent
Final Integrated Summative Assessment: Competent

Please assist with further studies

Thank you

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